The Shocking Revelation of Metrics of E-Grocery

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Amazon Pantry is an online e-grocery store which provides service to buy the groceries virtually and deliver the orders at the doorstep.

In India, the major portion of the people belongs to the middle-class zone. They buy groceries from the retailers for their household purpose and others. But, why Amazon is pouring large amount in this sector. Will the e-commerce giant Amazon Pantry succeed and get its market share let’s get dive deep and look into it.

Before getting into the real-time competitive world, The Amazon Pantry has done some groundwork to get the pulse of the every sector by naming it as a “KIRANA NOW” as a code name.

What is “KIRANA NOW “And Why?

“Kirana Now” is an Amazon pilot project which started at Bengaluru and ran for 11 months before stepping into the competition.

It set up a bunch of employees to look into its works. The prime goal is to deliver the groceries of their desirable items at the doorstep within 2 hours who have signed up to platform code-named “KIRANA NOW”.

The primary reason for launching a pilot project”KIRANA NOW” is to get some deeper sense and metrics for proper understanding.

It’s a tactic and strategy which the major companies want to use before jumping into a sea of competition field to know how to swim in it and to reach the shore.

Present Scenario:

Amazon started expanding its pantry services aggressively by offering groceries across 34 cities as of now in our nation.

The cities that Amazon pantry services available are Delhi, Vijayawada, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Khammam, Secunderabad, Manipal, Mangalore, Pondicherry, Panipat, Chennai, Secunderabad, Warangal and more.

How it Works:

A customer who has an intention to buy the groceries from the Amazon can click here which is serving as Amazon pantry.

Pick your desirable groceries and add to your cart before doing this pay attention towards metrics which displays in percentages aside of your groceries.One can add groceries to the virtual box until it gets 100% complete.

As part of service, a customer can fill a box up to 15 kgs of the virtual box which can be sold at lowest prices and guaranteed next day delivery.

Market Share:

Groceries occupies nearly three-fifths of share in India’s overall retail market, making it imperative for Amazon to get dive into the e-grocery world.

Amazon wanted to acquire the Big Basket, the largest e-grocer in the market but couldn’t close the deal due to the differences in valuation.

Metrics Up to March 2017:

1.” BigBasket” enjoying its top notch in leader board with the market share of 35.20%

2.“Grofers” occupies 2nd position with the market share of 31.50%
3.“Amazon” is in 3rd slot with the market share of 31.20%
4.” Zop now” is the last one who holds some minute market share 2.50%

Major Competitors:

Till now “BigBasket” and “Grofers” have the highest market share in the e-grocery world. But, with the entry of Amazon, it’s started destructs the market share of its competitors and started invading.

Now the arch-rival of Amazon in India, The Flipkart has started gathering a huge amount of investments to start its second innings in the e-grocery world. But, this time it will surely be more cautious, and it doesn’t give any chance to his competitors whereas in a way back Feb 2016, it shut down its grocery delivery arm, “Nearby” by running it’s for only four months.


Amazon currently offers food products in some Indian cities through Amazon Pantry from third-party sellers. It also provides same day delivery on its” Amazon Nowapp through a tie-up with retailers such as BigBazaar and Hypercity in some cities.


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